Corporate Training:

With the clear exposure to the industry training needs, we are certainly well equipped with the in-depth knowledge on different telecom technologies and training delivery methods. Candidates will be trained in the specialized modules selected from our curriculum.

If you have any training needs for your project/company on 2G/3G/4G telecom product development/ testing, you can mail us your details by using below Training needs form. Detailed training sub modules will be discussed with your team and design the training course according to your needs.

Some of the Exquisite corporate trainings we have conducted:

Advanced UMTS MAC @ Wipro Technologies, Bangalore     
TTCN-3 @ IBM, Bangalore       

LTE FDD @ Our Reputed Chinese Client (Name is avoided as per the NDA).

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We hold candidates working on different telecom projects across various companies under one cloud. We have a Technical team @TCloud to scrutinize and selects the right candidates for various verticals across telecom domain. So our consulting group can pin point and make you access right candidates for right positions in your project/company. Clients can choose one of the below two ways for the consulting services.

1) Initial Filtering: Our Technical team will conduct an interview with the candidate over phone on respective technologies and feed the input to your technical team.

2) Rigorous Selection: We will do the complete process of selection either by direct technical interviews or by video calls. We record the full session of technical interviews. Along with the selected candidate's profile for the client interview, we will also submit the recorded videos as well.

Above mentioned process would be done before we send out any profiles to the clients. Don't you think saving the time of your important technical resources is equivalent to creating time?

Please contact us to get more details on consulting services.

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Free Outsourcing:

We have expertise in the following technologies.

1) Telecom Product testing / development (UMTS, LTE, VOIP/SIP, WLAN)
2) UE Conformance Testing (UMTS, LTE)
3) TTCN-3 Development.
4) Telecom tool development/testing.
5) Transport technologies.
6) Cisco Networks - R&S, Security, Voice.
7) Redhat Linux.
8) Ethical Hacking and security.
9) Android / IPhone application development.

For Telecom R&D companies who wish to associate with TCLOUD Information Technologies, we will provide 7200 man hours of resources without any cost.

The 'team' will be selected exclusively by you, and would be working out of TCloud Premises with TCloud resources and help you to improve your project speed enormously and all at a cost of $0. Isn't it this a best bet?

Please write us to get the details : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .